The Short Answer question type allows you to collect open-ended (also called free-text) responses from your participants, as in this example: 

Short Answer Validation 

You can set some validation rules on short answers. Currently we support these validations:

  • Specific length. For example, require answers between 50 and 200 characters, or no more than 200 characters, etc.
  • Whole number only: use this validation when you want only a whole number–no commas or decimals. (Optional: specify mix/max values)
  • Decimal only: this validation accepts only numbers and a decimal point. (Optional: specify mix/max values)

Scored short answer

You can also use short answer questions as scored questions. 

After you create the short answer question the next step is to type in the correct answers:

It is important to provide all possible answers. You can add another correct answer by pressing "+Add". In this case, the correct short answers (supplied by you) are Five dollars (with different variations added above). Do not worry about capital vs. lowercase letters; CredSpark will ignore punctuation and capitalization when determining whether a participant entered the same text as one of your correct answers.

Here are some possible participant answers to the sample question about this bill shown above:

Five→ will be marked Correct

5 → will be marked Correct

5 dollars → will be marked Correct

5$ → will be marked Correct

One hundred→ will be marked Incorrect (wrong bill)

5€ → will be marked Incorrect (wrong currency)

fieve dollas → will be marked Incorrect (wrong spelling)

fivedollars→ will be marked Incorrect (need a space)