Our Question Pool feature allows you to create an interaction using a set number of questions randomly selected from a larger pool of items. In other words, every time a participant goes through the interaction,  they will receive randomly selected questions. This is especially useful for scored assessments that allow retakes, as it can present fresh content, rather than showing the quiz-taker the same questions over and over. 

Question Pool functionality is available for Surveys, Scored Quizzes, and Outcome Quizzes. To enable the Question Pool, go to the Edit Tab, check the “Question Pool” box, and then select the number of questions that should be presented to your end user. For example, you might have a pool of 16 questions and choose to present only four in the actual quiz. 


If you use the Question Pool for Scored Quizzes, we recommend using the same point value for every question in the pool, as questions with differing point values may lead to inconsistent scoring.


The Results Report displays only the questions that were seen by each participant. In the example below, the first participant saw Q1, Q3, Q5 and Q8. The blank spaces in Q2, Q4, Q6, etc. show that the questions weren’t assigned to that participant.