Multi-Part Assessment is a unique audience engagement feature that allows you to embed a series of questions of the same interaction within different parts of a page or even across different pages on your website(s). Rather than taking your entire interaction in one place, your audience members can read a bit, answer a question or two, keep reading, then answer some more questions, and so on. This creates a stickier, more engaging experience.

With this powerful new feature, you can create some very cool user experiences, including:

  • Interactive Case Studies. Have your audience read a short section then, answer a few questions, read a little more than answer additional questions. This allows you to "drip-feed" information to your audience and have them test their knowledge or provide input in a series of steps along the way. It's a feature that's tailor-made for high-value continuing education.
  • Content Treasure Hunts. Reward your audience for spending more time on your site. Multi-Part Assessments provide signposts that lead visitors from one piece of content to the next, gamifying and increasing the consumption of more content.

Here is an example: 

You can find it in the Edit tab “Questions” section:

Multi-Part Assessments work by creating a series of Embeds. Just as you might create a new section of a document in Microsoft Word by adding a Section Break, you press the “Insert Embed Break” button to add an Embed break. You can insert it after one or more questions, depending on how many questions you want to ask at a time. After you create your Multi-Part Assessments go to the “Deliver” tab to see and copy the individual embed codes:

Simply embed these codes wherever you want them in your website and you are done!

CredSpark will track your participants' answers as they progress, and show them their final results after they've answered the last question.

Tip: Try to use Instant Answers for Multi-Part Assessment.