Need to have your audience submit a date (or more than one)? We have you covered–whether it’s choosing a deadline or signing up or even just submitting a birthday, our date question type makes capturing and collecting a seamless experience. You  can align date formats to your reporting needs, ask for multiple dates in a single question, and even allow participants to select a time as well.

Date question type creation 

To create a date question type, simply open the question modal and select the “Date” question type. After you’re in the date question, on the left side you will see  “Maximum selections,” which indicates how many date selections participants can make.

Date Format allows you to choose one of three different date formats: MM/DD/YYYY,  DD/MM/YYYY, YYYY/MM/DD. The Date Format determines the display format of the date in the Results View, the Data tab, and any reports you export from CredSpark.

Below the Question Text you can choose to Add time. Important note: When allowing “Add time,” you can only collect ONE date per question.  This is the participant's view for selecting a date and time.


The Results report displays the date format you choose. For example, here it shows the MM/DD/YYYY format.