Whether you store your learner records in Watershed or any other LRS/LMS solution that uses xAPI, now you can send your CredSpark data over in xAPI format. 

Data you might want to send could include: 

  • Interaction complete

  • Questions answered/Answers chosen

  • Score received

  • Pass/Fail data

CredSpark has a direct integration with Watershed; we can also seamlessly and securely integrate with any other LRS/LMS.

Setting Up an LMS/LRS (xAPI) Integration

Before starting, make sure you have Admin rights within your CredSpark account as only Admins can make these changes. 

To integrate CredSpark with your LMS/LRS solution, you'll need to obtain this information from your LMS/LRS account:

  • Endpoint URL
  • API Key/User
  • API Secret/Password

Once you have these credentials, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the "Admin Settings" section in your CredSpark account.
  2. Choose the "Integrations" tab and click on the "Connect" button on LMS/LRS Integration.
  3. Provide the Endpoint URL, API Key/User, API Secret/Password details in the required fields and click "Save."
  4. Once your integration is set up, you'll see a "Connected" label along with an "Edit" button. 

Important to Know

xAPI parameters can be sent only if the participant is known. That means that you either need to pass participant information to CredSpark or make sure to collect the participant’s email BEFORE they start an interaction so we can connect their answers to their email.

Disconnecting Integration

If you ever want to disconnect your integration, simply click the "Edit" button and disconnect the integration. This will stop CredSpark from syncing data with your LRS/LMS.