CredSpark is excited to introduce Word Play as an addition to your gamification strategy. Word Play is a captivating word-guessing game that gives players a limited number of attempts to decode a hidden word.

How to Create Word Play

Creating a Word Play experience can be done in two ways: using a template or starting from scratch. If you prefer using a template, simply navigate to your interactions page, click "New," and select the Word Play template. Customize it according to your requirements and click "Publish."

Alternatively, if you opt to create Word Play from scratch, choose the "Quiz" content type, then select "Add Question" and choose the Word Play question type.

After you select Word Play as the question type, enter the correct answer. This should be a word between 3 and 10 letters, using the English alphabet.

You have the flexibility to customize the number of guesses allowed and choose whether guesses must be real words from a dictionary. By enabling the "Guesses must be real words from a dictionary" option, participants can enter only valid words. The dictionary used by CredSpark for word validation can be found at Disabling this option allows the end user to enter non-words or random letter combinations. If your target word is highly technical or otherwise not found in a standard dictionary, you will need to disable the valid words only option. 

Participant Experience

During the game, participants can input words and receive color-coded feedback. A gray letter indicates that the letter is not in the solution at all, yellow signifies that the letter is in the word but not in the correct position, and green indicates that the participant guessed the correct letter in the correct place. For example, let's consider the word "LOGIC" as the correct answer. Here is an example of what the guessing process could look like:

Upon successfully guessing the word, participants will receive a congratulatory message and be directed to the Results View. If the word is not guessed correctly in the attempts allowed, the correct answer will be displayed to the participant.

Good to Know

  • Word Play questions can only be created within quizzes.
  • You can utilize Word Play in both regular scoring and Custom Scoring. In regular scoring, the question will be scored as correct or incorrect. In Custom Scoring, the score depends on the number of guesses allowed. For example, if you permit 6 guesses, a participant who guesses correctly on the first attempt will receive a score of 6 out of 6, while someone who guesses correctly on the 6th try will only receive a score of 1.
  • Word Play is mobile-friendly
  • We highly recommend adding a single Word Play question per page as it ensures participants can use their personal keyboard rather than solely relying on the provided on-screen keyboard.