The Banner is an advertising classic, for a reason: Delivered at the right time with the right message, banners get attention and clicks. CredSpark allows you to easily create and deliver a Post-Quiz Banner to your audience at the end of a quiz or a survey, right when the message is the most relevant. Banners are a great way to engage your audience or generate leads for sponsors as well as showcase your own offerings. This article will explain how to create a Post-Quiz Banner.

The banner is not a single image created by a designer and uploaded to CredSpark - rather, the banner is dynamically assembled from elements you upload and will size and orient itself to fit different device screens:

In order to create a banner, go to the “Design” tab in your editor and click the “Add Banner” button:

You will see this modal appear:

Each Post-Quiz Banner includes the following elements:

Label - Give your banner(s) a name that only you can see, so you can tell them apart (you can have multiple banners per quiz/survey.)

Displays When - Define conditions under which the banner will display, and when it won't. For example, displaying when “Passed” means that someone will only see this banner when they pass the quiz. (Scored Quiz type only.)

Target URL - When someone clicks the banner button, the Target URL is where they will be redirected.

Background Image - We recommend an image 250 pixels tall by 1000 pixels wide, but that's just a suggestion. We strongly recommend no text on your background image, because the text that you enter will be overlaid on top of the image.

Body Text - We recommend a short, direct request for the participant to do something, such as download a white paper, subscribe to your newsletter or visit your website.

Logo Images - Two additional images you can upload to the banner.

Button Text (large and small) - Typically used to induce people to click the button, and let them know they'll be clicking away to another website or a different part of your site. You can also use 'Button Background Color' 'Button Border Color' to change the appearance of the button.

Theme - We offer 2 design themes, Light or Dark. We typically recommend 'Dark', which will display your Banner Body Text in white font over a grayed-out background. 'Light' will display black text over a white-shaded background.