One popular way to leverage our powerful integration with Omeda is to embed CredSpark-powered experiences in Omeda’s Personalization Modals (you can read more about it here: To make this process as smooth as possible, CredSpark has a customized HTML embed code for Omeda in our Delivery tab:

Start by copying and pasting the code into a modal. Because HTML will only automatically resize horizontally, NOT vertically, you may need to manually adjust the height of the iframe in order for your entire interaction to display. We recommend one of these two options: 

Manually set the iframe height:

CredSpark’s iframe height defaults to 550px. You can manually change it to a more suitable height for your interaction: just keep in mind that if you have lots of content on some screens and little on others, you may have a lot of white space displaying. That brings us to…

Manage scrolling:

Our HTML code defaults scrolling to “auto” to ensure that every interaction will fit in the iframe. However, you have the option to set scrolling to “no” and remove this function. 

The most important thing to remember is to always, always preview your interaction and make sure that all content on all pages is viewable before you push this live!