Generate with AI, powered by the Azure OpenAI service and OpenAI, gives you a big leg up when it comes to creating initial quiz content. While you will always want to review the AI-generated content carefully, and you may choose to reject or edit some of what the app suggests,it can be very helpful to use AI to get your quiz-creation process started.  

Currently, this feature is available for quizzes only. To start, click on “Create Quiz” and proceed to question creation.

When you click “Generate with AI,” a modal will pop up prompting you to define the content to be used for quiz questions. 

For optimal results, we suggest using the Source URL field. Here, you can paste the URL of the page from which you want to generate quiz questions. Once the URL is pasted, click “Load.” This action initiates the scraping of the content, which will then be displayed in the “Source Text” field for your review. If the content meets your expectations, you can proceed to select other settings based on your preferences and then hit the “Generate” button. In a matter of moments, you'll see the AI-generated questions. These can be reviewed, edited, and subsequently added to your quiz.

- Each user is currently limited to generating a maximum of 10 quiz prompts per hour.
- Generate with AI is freely available to Enterprise, Premier, Ultimate, and CredSpark+ license tiers. We may revisit/adjust this availability.
- The usual disclaimers about AI-generated content apply–we cannot guarantee it is accurate or correct and it should always be reviewed and approved by a human.

It's important to note that not all URLs are compatible with our text scraping feature. You may encounter issues with gated content, CAPTCHA challenges, or other access restrictions. If you find that we’re unable to scrape content from your provided URL, you can simply copy the text manually and paste it into the “Source Text” field.