Need some inspiration? Check out our Community for ideas from your peers; here are a few of our favorites.


Norming activities are a great way for community members to understand or locate themselves in relation to their peers. Your poll questions can be innocuous (where are you located?) or more probing--as you're brainstorming ideas, think about questions people might want to know the answers to about how they compare to each other. 


Your community members have something in common, whether that's an interest in a product, an activity, an occupation, or something else. Tap into their shared interest with questions about that topic. 


Perhaps your community members want to confirm their knowledge or expertise on a particular topic. You can create quizzes that will award them a "badge" or "certification" of some kind, helping them feel validated in their knowledge and maybe even getting bragging rights within your community. These kinds of quizzes can range from super-serious to more entertaining (Test Your Esoteric Knowledge of _______). The important part is that you're leveraging content relevant to your audience and giving them an opportunity to participate in that conversation. 


We often think of user surveys as big, cumbersome projects, but getting real-time feedback from your community members doesn't have to be a major lift--you can drop a question or three in your community and/or in an email and start meeting your community members where they are, while learning from them in a natural, organic conversational way. 


We know that communities are serious, and play an important role in community member's success. That said, there can still be room for fun, and that fun can serve a dual purpose in helping drive engagement with your community.