Need to build a stunning quiz or survey, but not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered: we’ve looked at the most commonly used types of interactions and created templates to help jump-start your project. 

All templates are fully customizable, so grab the one you want and get started! You can preview the template, and if you decide it's what you need, simply click “use” on it. You might notice “Premium” templates, which anyone can preview but can only be copied by those at our Premier license tier and up, as they use certain features from Premier accounts. Contact to learn how to upgrade your account.

Selecting A Template

Click the “New” button in the upper-right corner of the Interactions page. The pop-up window allows you to start from scratch or to start from a template.

Click “Preview” if you’re just browsing; when you’re ready, click “use” to have that template copied to your account.

Add Questions/Customize the Design

CredSpark templates are ready to use but you can also fully customize them. 

After you click the “Use” button, a copy of that template will show up in your list of interactions. From there, it functions like any other interaction: you can edit/change anything you want. You can clone it, and even delete it if you need to. Templates default to “Unpublished” status, so hit that “Publish” button when you’re ready to use that interaction.