Want to up the ante on your quizzes? Add a timer! Whether you want to add an extra challenge for your audience or just see how quickly a quiz is completed, we’ve got just the tool for you. 

It’s easy to use, too: go to the “Edit” tab and then check the “Quiz Time Limit” box. 

Once you check the box, use the drop-down to set your time limit. Once that’s one, here’s what will happen for participants: 

1) Before starting the timed quiz, the participant will see the Quiz Start Page. You can customize this message in the Edit tab. 

The timing will start once the user hits “Start Quiz.” 

2) Time remaining will display in the upper right corner. You can customize the color of the timer in the Design tab. 

3) Participants can submit their responses at any time; if the timer runs out, their responses will be auto-submitted.

How will you know if the response was auto-submitted?

Go to the “Data & Analytics” tab and look at the “Time Spent” column. If the “Time Spent” exactly matches the maximum time available for the quiz, that indicates the user timed out/the response was auto-submitted. 

Finally, please note that if you choose to display questions and answer choices on the results view, users will see ONLY the questions they saw during the quiz experience.