Visually appealing designs are crucial ingredients for branding and customer engagement. 

CredSpark can help you make your interactions beautiful on brand, no matter how many brands you have. 

My Themes vs. Standard Themes

CredSpark provides pre-built themes for you to choose from. By default, the CredSpark Standard theme is applied to every interaction. If you prefer a different Standard Theme, simply click on it and save it to apply it to your interaction. However, for a truly customized look that matches your brand, we recommend creating your own theme. Keep reading to learn how.

Create a Custom Theme

Go to the Design tab and click on “New theme.” Give your Theme a name, then the fun begins! You can change every little detail of how your interaction looks, from format and answer choice design to button styles and colors. 

Click “Save” to save your changes; if you want to undo a change, the “Revert” button will undo all changes since your last Save.

Saving a Design as a Theme

You’ve created a beautiful design and now you want to save it so you can use it again? No problem: just go to the  “Theme” sub-tab, click “New Theme” and give your new theme a name. This automatically creates a new Theme using your most recent design changes. 

Editing an Existing Theme

If you want to change an existing theme, click on the three-dots icon and then on “Edit theme.” This will take you to the “mode” sub-tab and you’re ready to implement your changes. 

NOTE: Any changes you make to existing themes will apply to the interaction you’re working on and any others using that theme in the future; these changes will NOT be applied to interactions previously created using this theme. 

This also applies if you delete a theme; no previous interactions will be affected. 

Also from the three-dots icon, you can rename, duplicate, set theme as a default for upcoming interactions, or delete it.

What Did I Just Change?!

Made a change and not sure what it applied to? There are only two ways to apply changes to a theme: either click on “New Theme” or “Edit Theme.”. If you see the “Save” and “Revert” buttons and the theme title in the right corner of the Design preview, these details indicate that you are in edit mode.

If you click on the “Revert” or “Save” buttons, you’ll be back to the interaction level editing mode and your changes there will NOT affect your theme.  

Clone & Move Themes between Teams (Team Managers/Admins only)

To clone & move a theme from one team to another, you must be a Team Manager of both teams between which you want to clone & move themes OR an Admin of the organization to which these teams belong. If you are not, please reach out to your Team Manager or Admin for further assistance. If you are, here's a quick guide on how to clone & move themes from one team to another:

1. Open a team in which the theme is created (in this example, a theme we like is in the "CredSpark Support" Team (#4))

2. Create a new or clone an existing interaction and go to Design Tab (#1)

3. Apply a theme that you want to clone & move to another team (#2) and hit the "Save" button (#3)

4. Now switch to a team you want to clone & move the preferred theme to. You can switch between teams by clicking on your currently selected team icon (#4)

5. We will want to clone & move our theme to the "Client Success Desk" team (#5). Once we are in the team, go to the "Settings" (#6)

6. Once in "Settings", go to the "Settings" subtab (#7) and click on "Transfer Interactions" (#8)

7. In a popup, find and select your interaction from a previous team with the applied theme (from steps 2 & 3). In our case, it is an interaction named "Moving Theme" (#9) that we created in the CredSpark Support team.

8. Once you selected the interaction with an applied theme, click on "Transfer Interaction" (#10)

9. Then you will go to the Interactions list (#11), open up your newly moved interaction (In our example it's the "Moving Theme" interaction), and will go to the "Design" tab (#12)

10. Now just create a new theme (#13), and name it as you like (in our case it will be named "Block - Sky Blue")

Voilà, you cloned and moved yourself a theme! (#14)