If you’d like your interaction to reach the widest possible audience, it needs to be discoverable by search engines so it can be displayed in search results. 

To enable SEO, go to the “Deliver” tab and check the “Allow search engines to discover interaction and display it in search results” checkbox: 

When that option is enabled, you will see two fields:

Canonical URL: use this field to add the URL of the web page where your interaction is embedded (e.g. www.yourdomain.com/nameofyourinteraction). This is how you ensure that SEO results will direct people to your site and will increase the visibility of your interaction. 

Noscript HTML gives you the option to override the default Noscript HTML generated by CredSpark.  CredSpark automatically generates Noscript HTML from all the content you have created: questions, answer choices, results view, etc.  By entering text in this box, you will add ADDITIONAL content which will be detected by search enginesf and may help the right audience discover your CredSpark-powered content.

Please keep in mind that if you want to keep your content private and not crawled by search engines, “Allow search engines to discover the quiz and display it in search results,” should be left unchecked.