CredSpark offers seven types of contact or demographic questions. 

NOTE: First Name, Last Name, and Email are special questions and can be used only once in an interaction (because they are used to map data via API integrations). By default, these questions are part of the Registration tab. If you prefer to include them in the quiz or survey itself, just delete them from the Registration tab and you’ll be able to add them under the Edit tab.

TIP: If you want to collect more than one first, last name, or email address, you can simply use the Short Answer question type. Using the First Name, Last Name, and Email fields should be reserved for collecting information that feeds another platform, such as Omeda, Hubspot, Salesforce, etc.


This field requires a correctly formatted email address, e.g. If an entry is formatted incorrectly, the end user will see an error message until the format is corrected.

When creating an Email question, you will encounter the 'Require Valid Email' option. When this checkbox is selected, we actively verify the existence of the provided email address, accepting only those that are confirmed to be valid. Our partnership with Fresh Address enables us to carry out this validation process. There is a daily limit of 1000 verifications per interaction. Once this limit is reached, respondents can still submit their emails; however, these submissions won't undergo validation.

Phone Number

This field accepts only numbers. 

Country Select

This field allows users to type in or scroll to select a listed country.

State/Province Select

This field is pre-populated with American states and Canadian provinces.

Year Select

Again, users can type in a year or select it from the drop-down.

TIP: You can always create your own list of truncated options by using a Dropdown question if, for example, you only want users to be able to select from one of three countries or ONLY Canadian provinces.