Sections are sets of questions within your interactions. You can use sections when you want to shuffle only specific questions or for organizational purposes. Every interaction has a default section, called Section 1. If you want to create another section, click the “Insert Section” button:

Editing Section Names/Shuffling Questions

By clicking the pencil icon, you can edit the section name and find the check box to shuffle questions within a section.

Note that this “Section Name” is only for internal/organizational purposes: it will NOT be displayed in your interaction. You can always add a cover slide or text in front of a question if you want your users to see that information!

You can also control shuffling from “Additional Settings”:

Deleting Sections

Need to delete a section? Click the trash icon! You can choose if you want to delete the questions, as well, or to move them to another section. If you have only one section on the page, you can’t delete it.

Moving Questions

Currently, you can move questions inside the section by dragging & dropping them. You cannot move questions between sections.