Supported Browsers

  • Microsoft Edge (25 or higher)
  • Google Chrome (57 or higher)
  • Firefox (48 or higher)
  • Safari (11 or higher)

Browser Settings

  • JavaScript enabled
  • Cookies enabled
  • Font downloads enabled
  • Compatibility View disabled if using Internet Explorer

Network Endpoints

Secure networks might block network requests and prevent our app from working. We recommend whitelisting the following domains for the best experience. At a minimum, you’ll need to whitelist the highlighted endpoints:

Credspark domains    
Provides essential services, such as distributing quizzes and saving answers.    
Required for user-generated content, such as images attached to questions.    

Endpoint for API requests. Generates PDF view of results.

Web Fonts, Graphics, and Icons

These domains let you see the custom fonts and icons we use on our websites.

  • *
  • *

WYSIWYG editor

Rich text editor used to format question text.



These endpoints help us track how users interact with our web pages and apps so we can continually make our products better.

  • *
  • *
  • *
  • *