Choosing the right interaction depends on your goals. If you want to give someone feedback on what they do or don’t know, use a Scored Quiz. If you want to gather feedback or opinions, use a Survey or a Form. If you want to entice people to vote in order to see what others think, try a Poll. If you want to segment your audience into different “buckets” or categories, try an Outcome Quiz.


Here’s a little more detail on each type of interaction. If you’re still not sure, you can always reach out to us for help or advice!


Scored Quiz: The most commonly used and the best one to start with, Scored Quizzes help people figure out what they know and what they don’t know. In the end, they get a score based on their answers and will know if they passed or failed the Quiz.

Outcome Quiz: Instead of revealing a score, Outcome Quizzes reveal something about people. Depending on their answers, they can receive a recommendation or learn more about what “type” they are.

Poll: People answer a single question whether to give an opinion or to vote on something and then see how everyone else responded. This type of interaction helps to see the collective opinion on a specific topic and evaluate audience trends.

Survey/Form: this interaction type doesn’t have correct or incorrect answers. Instead, you can use it to collect audience opinion, insight, feedback, and so much more! It can also be used to collect information, especially demographic or other registration-type information.