To create and publish a scored quiz you will need to:

  1. Create a Quiz
  2. Add Questions
  3. Customize the Design
  4. Preview & Publish

Step One: Create a Quiz

To start, simply log in here: Use the email and password you received from CredSpark after your organization signed up. 

To create the first quiz press the “Create a Quiz” button in the upper-right corner of your account.

The pop-up window allows you to choose the type of quiz:

The most commonly used and the best to start with is Scored Quiz. To get started press the “Create New Scored Quiz” button. You can also create other types of content such as surveys/forms, outcome quizzes, or polls.

Once you select the Scored quiz you will be directed to the “Edit” tab where you write the title and internal notes of the quiz:

This tab allows you to choose the passing score and other quiz details. Don’t forget to save this information by pressing the “Save” button. After the quiz title is already in place, it is time to start creating questions by pressing the button “Add Question”.

Step Two: Add Questions

Once you press the “Add Question” button you will see this tab:

It is best to start by picking the question type. Here you can see examples and use cases. In the “Question Text” section you can format text to bold, italicize, underline, hyperlink. Also, you can add emojis to question and answer text to make it more engaging? Further font/color editing can be done in the "Design” tab. We will discuss it further in the “Customize the Design” step.

You can add as many answer choices as you want and by pressing "+Add" and you can easily change an answer's position by dragging that answer choice up or down.

Once you are done with your question, press the “Create Question” button.

Step Three: Customize the Design

When your question is written and saved you can edit it/add a picture/clone/add answer explanations or delete it with the buttons in the lower-right of each question:

In the “Design” tab you can Customize Your Quiz. You can change text font, size, color, and button style as well as the background color to perfectly match your site's design, so the quiz appears to be a completely native part of your site:

Step Four: Preview & Publish

Before publishing a quiz, try it out in the “Preview” mode. You can find it in the upper-right corner of your account, or in the bottom-right corner:

Preview mode is a great function that allows you and your colleagues to see how your quiz will appear when published and embedded in your site. You can share the link (simply copy the “Preview” URL) with your team where other people (even those who don't work at your organization) can test the quiz and leave their feedback in the comments section.

After you’ve reviewed and made your last changes, it is time to bring your quiz to life. To do so you need to press the “Publish” link which you can find right next to the “Preview” link. Last but not least, embed the quiz into your site. You can find embedding code in the “Deliver” tab:

Furthermore, you can get a Direct Link and set the Open and Close Dates

For more detailed instructions on how to embed the interaction on your website, click 
here. If you want to embed your interaction's 1st question into an email, click here.

Hurray! You just learned how to publish your first quiz.