The Image Select question type allows you to add pictures as answer choices. It is a great way to engage your audience and make your quiz/survey fun and interactive. There are two ways to create Image Select questions: 1) as Image Select question type 2) as Multiple Choice question type.

To create an Image Select question, simply go to the "Edit" tab and click on the “Add Question” button. Then select the “Image Select” option as Question Type:


To upload a picture click on the image icon and select an image from your computer. You can also add a picture label (optional) which will be displayed in the left top corner of the image:

To create a Multiple Choice question type with images as answers keep the default “Multiple Choice” option selected as the question type. To add an image as an answer choice click on the image icon:

You can also add answer text (optional). The text will appear as an image capture

: We recommend adding similar-sized images for the best visual look. Also, the picture height shouldn’t exceed 200px as taller pictures will be automatically downscaled. 

Image Selection questions are easy to analyze. Although images won’t be displayed in the Results Report, you will see the correct/incorrect answers (for Scored Quizzes) and the picture label (answer text) if labels were added. Keep in mind that to track each answer choice it is best to label it.