The Matrix question type allows a participant to evaluate several items using the same answer options. It is best to use it when you have a group of single-choice rating questions which share the same answer options.

This is a good example of a matrix question:

To create a matrix question go to Quiz Editor and choose the Edit/Publish tab. Press the “Add Question” button. Choose Matrix as a question type. You will see this modal appear:

In Question Text type in the main question, as  in the example shown, “How important to your business are the following current CredSpark features?”

In Row Choices type in the question/statement, you want the respondent to evaluate, such as “Single-Question Polls, Survey, etc.” Separate each question into its own row by pressing enter.

In Column Choices type in answer options such as “Not Important at All”, “Low Importance”, etc. Separate each answer option into its own column by pressing enter.  

Sometimes you might want to use the “Forced Ranking” option which forces the participants to only answer one answer for each row and column for the question. It can be useful in cases where you want people to rank statements in a specific order.

Note: If a Forced Ranking question is required to be answered by the respondent, the number of rows and columns must match. If the question is not required you can add as many rows and columns as you want to.