There are many ways you can make your interactions engaging and fun, including using all types of media files, customizing your look and feel, using Leaderboards, and more. And now, we're introducing another member of the Motivational tools family: Answer Streaks. These are a fun way to encourage and reward your audience to collect as many correct answers as possible.

How to Create Correct Answer Streaks

In order to celebrate correct answer streaks you first need to turn on instant answers:

Then go to the “Motivation” tab and click “Celebrate Answer Streaks”:

You can choose how often the celebration pop-up appears: 

Celebration message design allows you to customize the pop-up. You’re able to change the text, color(s), or even to upload an image. Also, let’s not forget you can add fireworks to the background!

After you create Answer Streaks, you can preview/edit/delete that pop-up in the Motivation Tab.

Streaks in the App

Each time the Streaks pop-up appears, it includes:

  • A capsule showing progress toward a new Celebration
  • A bubble in the capsule which shows the running count of correct answers in a row

Finally, as your end user is going through a quiz, we will reset the correct answer counter each time they answer incorrectly; we will also include the longest streak in the results view.