After your quiz is published and brought to life, it is time to run Results Reports which you will find on the Data&Analytics tab. This tab might be one of the most exciting places on the CredSpark platform where the magic happens. In this tab, you will find data that shows how your interaction performed, everything from registrations to social shares:

You can set a specific date range if you do not want to run a report on all responses in the Date/Time Taken Column. This is useful if you have many respondents but are interested in the newest responses or if there were several ‘dummy’ responses gathered in your early testing phase before you launched. Below you will find detailed information on what data each report presents:

Results Report

A report that captures all data gathered in the quiz/survey/poll. Question numbers are noted in columns as “Q1, Q2, etc.” In a Scored Quiz, you won’t be able to see the exact answers the participant chose, but you will see whether the participant's answers were “correct” or “incorrect.” All unscored questions are noted with “UNSCORED” after the question number, and short answer submissions are shown.

Registration Report

This report shows everyone who completed the quiz/survey/poll and the registration form, together with the score or outcome each registered person received. You will find all the registration fields you set in the “Registration” form, like name, surname, email address, phone number, country, etc.

Response Details Report

This report shows the specific answer choices selected, regardless of whether the answer choice was correct or incorrect (for a Scored Quiz). This report comes in handy when you want to know more than ‘did they answer correctly?’ and get into ‘which answer did they choose?’  This can be helpful for understanding what your audience thinks/knows at a deeper level. In order to see the instances of incorrect answers, cross reference this report with the Results Report or the answer key.

Action Report

The Action Report provides a high-level overview of the quiz, as well as the various “actions” the quizzers took after they completed the quiz. Actions may include results page views, “Learn More” clicks, comments, social shares, or banner clicks.


Feedback Report

The feedback report gathers the overall score, total responses, total registrations, registration %, where in the course users abandoned the quiz, and whether the users thought questions were too hard or easy (if applicable). The feedback also tracks the % of correct and submitted answers based on the total audience.