Confidence modifiers are a great way to help you and your learners get a deeper measure of their knowledge. CredSpark’s confidence modifiers can also be used to impact scoring, giving your learners a more visual representation of their own knowledge, as they perceive it versus as you’re evaluating it.

 We recommend using confidence modifiers when you want to:

  • Provide a metacognitive signal to learners that they should consider their confidence while answering questions
  • Use the information about confidence/correctness to help learners evaluate their learning
  • Use that same information to evaluate your content/instruction
  • Impact scores so as to further disaggregate learners across broader spectrum of possible scores

 To apply confidence modifiers, first, click on the "Additional Settings" button and turn on “Custom Scoring”.

  Once Custom Scoring is on, a new tab will appear in the question modal:

Use the “Add Confidence Check” toggle to turn confidence modifiers on for your question.

Our default confidence modifier will display, but it is fully customizable and you can change the prompt, confidence level names, and the multipliers. Multipliers can be any value from -9999.99 to 9999.99.

How does scoring work?

 Our default confidence modifier settings will impact quiz scoring as shown in the table below. 

For example, looking at the question on colors, a user who chooses black (correct, 1 point) and is somewhat confident (x2), would earn 2 points for this answer. If that person chose white (incorrect, -1 point) and very confident (x3), they would receive -3 points for this answer.

Participant View

When you toggle on confidence modifiers for a question, the end-user will see the confidence question immediately below the actual question. We used a slightly different presentation so as to indicate this is a modifying question, not a separate/scored question.

 If you choose to display answers in the Results View, your user will see correct/incorrect information for each question, along with their confidence level.


One of the main goals of confidence-based scoring is to provide deeper insights. The Results Report displays points earned for the question and the selected multiplier:

 If you prefer to see more details, choose the “Response Details” report: