Sometimes it’s important to know right away when someone fills out your quiz or survey.  Other times, you want to keep track of when every group of 25 or 100 people has taken a very popular quiz. Email notifications are designed in a way that allows you to choose how often you want to be informed when someone took your quiz. In this article, we will explain where to find email notifications and how you can configure them to provide you with the updates you and your stakeholders need.

You can find email notifications in your account “Data & Analytics” tab:

Once you press the “Email notifications” button you will see this modal appear:

Event allows you to choose when to receive an email - either after a quiz completion (the notification email will contain the Quiz Title, Time, Score) or after registration (the notification email will contain the Quiz Title, Time, Score, and anything captured in the Registration fields).

If you are interested in knowing when and how many people took the quiz then select “Quiz Completed”. If you are interested in participant information such as name, surname, email, and other registration fields (if applicable) then select “Registration completed”.

With the Affected quizzes selector, you can choose whether to receive notifications for this particular quiz or for all quizzes in this account (i.e. all this Expert’s quizzes). If you choose the latter email notifications will update automatically for all quizzes and you will receive an email notification every time someone takes any quiz you have created in this CredSpark account (so be careful with that option!)

With Frequency, you can decide how often you want to receive notifications. You can receive notifications Once on predefined date, Hourly, Daily; Weekly; Monthly; per 1 completions/registrations, per 25 completions/registrations; per 100 completions/registrations, per 250 completions/registrations or per 1000 completions/registrations. Finally, in the Send to field simply type in the email where you want to receive notifications.  

If you want to receive information about general quiz performance in the email check the “Include Person's Overall Score or Outcome” checkbox. To receive specific answer choices selected by participants check the “Include All Answers Provided by Each Person” checkbox.

Note that you can send notifications both to people within your own organization and/or outside partners, such as sponsors who are receiving registration data from the quiz. When you type in an email address to sign up for notifications, CredSpark will first send a confirmation email to that address, to ensure it’s a working email and that he or she wants to receive notifications. The recipient will also have the option to opt out anytime.