If you want to include a code line as an example into a question/custom message (results view)/outcome (outcome quiz) block, it will not show up if it has double curly brackets in it: {{

But there is a solution!

CredSpark is using Handlebars to output previous answers (Piping Logic, example: Hi {{q_first_name}}, here's how you performed in this test).

If you want to insert a code line as an example that has double curly brackets in it, you have to "escape" the curly brackets by placing the symbol before the first curly bracket.

Here's an example of the code to showcase that would not show up in the question module or the custom message block in the results view because it has double curly brackets (marked purple):

<a href={shopUrl} dangerouslySetInnerHTML={{__html: <b>{shopUrl}</b>}}a/>

Here's the same code, but with added \ symbol (marked green) that will allow the code to show up in the mentioned blocks:

<a href={shopUrl} dangerouslySetInnerHTML=\{{__html: <b>{shopUrl}</b>}}a/>

And don't worry, this symbol will not show up in your showcasing example. Here's how it looks when editing the question:

Here's how it looks for the respondents when taking the quiz:

NOTE: You don't need to add \ symbol if you want to use code as an answer choice since answer choices for now don't support piping logic (that might change in the future) and don't indicate double curly brackets {{ as part of piping logic feature