This article covers some best practices in creating quiz questions and using images/gifs.


We support image files (and gifs!). Banner images (landscape) work best when the image is 250 pixels tall and 1000 pixels wide.

JPEG and PNG Files

Size Limit: There is no strict upper limit on the file size for JPEG and PNG images. However, we recommend optimizing these images for web use to ensure faster loading times and better user experience.

Automatic Resizing: In instances where an uploaded JPEG or PNG image is exceptionally large, our system will automatically downscale the image to a more manageable size. This process is designed to maintain image quality while ensuring efficient loading and display.

GIF Files

Size Limit: GIF files have a maximum size limit of 1MB. This restriction is in place to ensure quick loading and to maintain the overall performance of the website.

Recommendation: If your GIF exceeds this limit, consider reducing its dimensions or frame rate to lower the file size.

Character Limitations

Where we have character limitations, those are designed to drive best practices. Please let us know if you have questions or need help!

Quiz title
200 characters
Try to keep it simple, short (<80 characters), and engaging “How much do you actually know about x?”
Question text
No limitation

There is no limitation, however, questions should be clear and concise. Writing questions can be deceptively difficult so it’s most helpful to have an idea of the answer before you write the question.

Answer Choices (including short answers)
No limitation
Short answer questions have no character limits, which means that you can ask questions that might require more than just a few words; if you want to score those answers, fewer words might be better so your audience can most easily match them.
Outcome Title
100 characters
Try to keep it short and clear. No more than 5 words.

Post-Quiz Suggestions
1200 characters
Think of post-quiz suggestions as to the place for a call to action: what do you want your user to DO after having engaged with your content? Put that call to action here!