Customizing CredSpark Direct Links

We recommend embedding CredSpark-powered interactions on your own site, but there are times when you might want to share our direct link. Previously, once you published a CredSpark interaction, the URL link text was "locked" with the initial title, which might not be ideal for public sharing.

Now, if the initial title is not something you want to share publicly, you can customize it in the Deliver tab under the Direct Link subtab.

Customizing the Direct Link

Each direct link must be unique. If the link text you wish to use is already taken, try adding letters and/or numbers to make it distinct. If the title is already in use, you will see an error message indicating that you need to choose a different title:

Once you have successfully saved a new title, you will notice that the URL link is updated accordingly.

Important Considerations

Do not edit the link if your interaction is already embedded. Editing the link for an interaction that is already embedded will break the existing embed. If this happens, you will need to replace the broken link with the updated embed code.