Simplify Mapping in Omeda

By default, we use question IDs when sending data from CredSpark to Omeda via webhook. 

However, question IDs aren’t always user-friendly, which is why we offer the option to add a “nickname” to each field you want to map, which should greatly simplify the process in Omeda. 

To do so, navigate to the "Data & Analytics" tab in your selected interaction and click on the "Integrations" button:

A new modal will appear:

Imagine you have a checkbox question type that, when checked, means your end user has opted in to receive your Daily Updates Newsletter. You can select that question in the dropdown on the left, then name it “Daily Updates Newsletter Opt-in” (or similar) on the right, and Omeda will receive a field named “Daily Updates Newsletter.” 

Good to know

  • CredSpark automatically sends ALL FIELDS of data collected to Omeda. It is up to you to decide which fields you want to map into Omeda. 
  • Even if you don’t give a field a nickname, it will still be transmitted, just with a Question ID number instead of a name. 
  • You can add as many new field mappings as you want–select “Add New Field Mapping.” 
  • You can remove a mapping by selecting the trash can. 
  • First Name, Last Name and/or Email fields are automatically mapped to the same fields in Omeda, so you don’t need to add nicknames for them.