Removing an Assessment from a Pathway

The Standard report, which contains the "Pathway Details" tab, will show any assessment(s) in a Pathway. You can remove an assessment from a Pathway by choosing to edit the pathway, then clicking on the three dots and choosing "Remove." The next time the Standard report runs, it will not include that assessment in the Pathway Details tab.

Note: this action would not change the fact that the assessment will still reflect in the "Internal Catalog" tab, and show in the "Catalog" module in the UI. This just removes the assessment(s) from a Pathway. 

Unpublishing an Assessment

In CredSpark, you have the option to "unpublish" an assessment or interaction.

When you do so, that item's status will immediately be set to "Obsolete" in Degreed, making it invisible in search and browse, invisible in a pathway or plan, and not showing in the admin Catalog module in the UI. If you choose to republish that assessment, the same content record in Degreed is then immediately toggled back to "active" and visible again--no synch required. You will need to manually add this item back to a pathway or plan.

Closing an Assessment (CredSpark+ only)

If you have access to the "Open" and "Close" dates that control when an assessment is visible to end users, anyone accessing that assessment outside of your pre-determined dates/time will see a message indicating that the assessment is closed. When the open date/time is reached, the assessment contents will be visible.