The way your quiz or survey looks and feels is important. With CredSpark you can full preview all aspects of your quiz or survey to ensure it appears and is functioning exactly how you want it to.

To preview your quiz or survey go to the “Preview” link. There you can:

  • Preview a full quiz or survey, registration, and results view form
  • Skip to a specific question, registration field, or the results view by using the “Page” dropdown
  • Preview any Skip or Display Logic
  • Toggle between screen size options
  • Share the preview of your quiz or survey with others (and invite them to comment if you’d like)
  • PRO TIP: If you send your preview link out for comments, set up an email notification for yourself to be alerted when those comments come in

Logic Preview

 Your responses entered in ‘Preview Mode’ will not be recorded and won’t show up in any reports. Also, you won’t see your results compared to others - this is only a preview, not the real thing.