Display Logic for multi-select questions 

Want to allow users to choose more than one answer AND use Display Logic? You have the choice to use EITHER ''is one of the following” OR “is exactly equal to” when setting up Display Logic: let’s take a look at how “is one of the following” works. 

Check this out: image you want a user to indicate all the things they would like to learn more about: 

Let’s say a respondent selects “Quick dinner recipes” and “Party appetizers” You then could display specific questions to gather more information: 

We understand that Display Logic can get complicated. Don’t forget to use Display Logic Preview to help you out:

PRO TIP: Use Display Logic in the Results View to provide personalized feedback to your audience–maybe share some healthy dinner recipes, if that’s what your users are looking for, or a link to ideas for apps to bring to a BBQ or a picnic! Read more here