Ready to get a crowd psyched about participating in a live quiz? Or maybe you want to drum up enthusiasm for an on-going challenge? Either way, CredSpark can help! Use our Live Event Mode to share out your scoreboard and invite participants to join!

Using Live Event Mode in live/hybrid events 

Make your events or webinars more fun with Live Event Mode! Once you have a quiz ready, navigate to the “Motivation” tab and select “Enable Live Event Mode”:

Simply click “Save” and mode will be enabled:

After you enable Live Event Mode a few important changes will happen in the app:

  • Instant Answers will be turned ON 
  • A Leaderboard will be created and added to the Results View 
  • A new “Live Event View” subtab will appear in the Results View

Results View

Before using the quiz in a live event you should make sure that Results View displays the information you want to appear there. You will see 2 subtabs there: “Participant View” and “Live Event View”. Participant View is the regular Results View which will appear after a participant completes the quiz. 

Live Event View is the screen you will display to participants which will allow them to join the quiz and see the leaderboard with participants' scores. You can customize it according to your needs:

How does it all work?

This is our suggested course of actions to use a quiz in live event:

  1. Go to the “Live Event Mode” modal in the Motivation tab and copy the direct link.
  2. Open the link, click on the QR code to expand it, and invite your participants to join the quiz. A QR code works just as a regular direct link. There is no limit to how many participants can scan it and it does not have an expiration date (unless you set the interaction to close at a certain time in the Delivery tab!). Your screen should look like this: 

  1. After participants join the quiz and complete it, new entries will start to appear on the Leaderboard. Note: Joining the leaderboard is optional. We suggest encouraging participants to join the leaderboard. Once there are participants on the leaderboard, it will look like this:

That’s it! You just created an engaging experience for your audience. Congratulations! 

Some important notes: 
1) You will find participant results and leaderboard entries in the Data & Analytics tab 

2) Quiz with Live Event Mode enabled works just as a regular quiz would. You can send a direct link (look for the link in the Deliver tab, as you want to send the link to the quiz, NOT the Live Event link) to people who didn’t attend the event and they will access the same quiz as people in live event did. 

Using Live Event Mode for Polls

To enable Live Event mode for polls, simply go to the 'Motivation' tab and follow the same steps as for quizzes. The only difference between quizzes and polls is that, withn polls, the Comparison Chart is automatically updated instead of a leaderboard.

Using Live Event View on a website

One more use case is to use Live Event View on a website. It becomes handy if you want to create some competition and display the leaderboard BEFORE someone even starts the quiz. Here’s how this experience looks in context:

To embed it on the website, make sure the “Live Event View” Results View is customized for this use case. For example, you probably don’t want to display a QR code there and instead offer an easy way to access the quiz, like a link or button to the website where the quiz is embedded. Once you are done, open the “Live Event Mode” modal and grab the embed code: