CredSpark’s Question Library (QL) is a database of questions you can reuse in multiple interactions. The QL can help you to save time, minimize repetition in your work, and/or standardize your questions. The Question Library is accessible to everyone in a given Team and offers tons of capabilities:

  • Tag questions for quick and easy search
  • Track who created a question and when
  • Track when a question was last edited
  • Track which interactions are using a question 
  • Edit a question and update all interactions using the question at once, OR
  • Unlink the question from Question Library  and customize it based on your needs

NOTE: Question Library belong to Teams the same way interactions belong to Teams. You can assign users to multiple Teams, and Admins can transfer interactions between Teams, so if you need to share QL content between Teams, there is a way! Contact with questions/for help. 

NOTE: Your Question Library is private to your organization and will not be shared with anyone else!

Adding a question to the Question Library

There are two ways you can add questions to the Question Library: directly in the Question Library or from an interaction. To add a question directly, navigate to the Question Library and click the “New” button. By clicking the dropdown menu you can also  paste in questions in case you want to add more than one question at a time. 

To add a question from an interaction, look for the “+” icon on the question card and click on it: 

You will be asked to tag your question so you can more easily find it  later. Those tags will appear in the Question Library. We strongly recommend tagging each question to keep your Question Library clean and easily searchable. 

Adding a Question Library question to an interaction

To add a Question Library question to an interaction go to the “Add Question” button and then use the dropdown menu to select “Add from Question Library”:

A new modal with all Question Library questions will appear. Select any/all questions you want to add and click “Add Questions”: 

Question Library questions are different from regular questions, so you’ll notice they have grayed out icons and a new “Unlink” icon: 

In general, you can’t edit Question Library questions inside an interaction. If you want to edit something from the QB,  you have to unlink the question. Once the question is unlinked, we create a copy of the question and it is not part of the Question Library anymore. It means that changes made to this question in Question Library won’t affect any unlinked questions. 

Editing/Deleting Question Library Questions

If you want to edit Question Library questions, you should navigate to the Question Library and click the pencil icon:

Editing a Question Library question will automatically update all interactions using that question, unless you had unlinked the question. You can delete a Question Library question by clicking the trash icon. When you delete a Question Library question, you also remove it from all the interactions which use this question.