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March, 2023 Product Release Notes

CredSpark goes…LIVE! 

Are you back meeting in person? Staying in the cloud? Splitting the difference with hybrid events? No matter how you’re meeting with people, CredSpark can help to get your audience psyched about participating in a live quiz! 

Use our LIVE EVENT MODE  to share your interactive quiz and invite participants to join. You will find this mode in the “Motivation” tab. Make sure to customize the Results View and…you are done!

Here’s a Live Quiz in action: 

Learn how to enable Live Event Mode

Ensure responses only from real people with CAPTCHA

Look for a CAPTCHA in our Question Types dropdown and protect your survey from bots. 

CAPTCHA asks participants to perform specific tasks which can only be performed by humans (for example, it might  ask you to identify blurry/distorted text or identify images which contain specific objects).

Learn how to create a Captcha Verification Question

Ongoing Data & Analytics Improvements

Recently CredSpark made some improvements to our Data & Analytics and introduced Response Summary visualization (visualizations are shown to premier & up/CredSpark+ licenses only). We’ve now added two more question types to visualize: Recommendation Rating and Drag & Drop order. 

Also, did you know that all clients can track starts from email vs. starts from the web? Make sure to take the full advantage of all the great data & insights CredSpark provides!

Other Updates:

  • 3 new languages added: Swedish, Japan and Hebrew! Check the design tab, “Language” dropdown to explore all languages. Note: This is not a content translation. Language selector allows you to choose the language for labels and buttons text. 
  • Now you can add an interaction to multiple collections. 
  • Improved Preview Comments. We fixed a small bug and added question text next to the number, so it's easier to understand which question is approved or which one received the comment. 
  • After talking with our clients we realized that Question Bank is often mixed with Question Pool. We decided to rename it to Question Library to better indicate what you can do with it (in this case save a question for future use in other interactions!).