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April, 2022 Product Release Notes

Question Types Enhancements: ask contact information before, in the middle or after the interaction completion

We have updated the design and layout of our question types, AND added some cool functionality. Now you can ask for contact information such as first and last name, email, country, etc. anywhere in your interaction, not just on the Registration form. (Hint: you may have to delete these questions from the Registration tab first).

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Experiment with Answer Choice Design

Hopefully you are already familiar with our Standard answer choice design as well as Blocks, which you can find in the Design Tab: 

We want to encourage you to keep experimenting and find which design works the best for your use case. For example, did you know that Checkmarks can be confusing if used in an assessment environment? There is a chance that users can incorrectly assume that Checkmarks indicate the correct answer. Therefore, the Filled design is recommended for assessing knowledge: