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November, 2022 Product Release Notes

Hi there! Here at CredSpark, our goal is always for our app to be powerful but easy to use; simple, but capable of creating complex tools. This November release is another step forward in ensuring we can keep the best of the app while continuing to enhance what it can do for you.

Question Bank 

(Ultimate/CredSpark+ license tiers)

We are REALLY thrilled about this one! You can now build your own database of questions and reuse them in multiple interactions. This feature can be helpful in so many ways, keeping your brand language consistent, re-using registration questions and disclaimer texts, using certified and approved questions in your quizzes, and more!

Our 1.0 version offers these capabilities:

  • Tag questions for quick and easy search
  • Track who created each question and when 
  • Track when a question was last edited
  • Track which interactions are using the question 
  • Edit a question and update all interactions using that question at once
  • Unlink aquestion from the Question Bank and customize it based on your needs

We are excited for your feedback as that will help guide the improvements we will add in the upcoming months, so please do share any notes you have!

Learn more about Question Bank


(All license tiers)

Sections enable you to create sets of questions within your interactions. Sections are useful if you want to set different settings for different sets of questions. For example, you might want to display registration questions at the beginning of the interaction but want to shuffle all other questions. Sections can also be used to organize longer surveys. You may want to call the first section with registration questions, “Contact Info” and maybe the rest of your interaction questions go in a section called “Main Survey”. 

Learn how to Separate Questions with Sections

Other stuff:

Skip Logic to prior questions 

Accessibility: Focus & Keyboard Operability. What does it do? It makes interaction elements on focus always visible and obvious for keyboard-only users. Note: not all question types are supported, the focus won’t work for Drag&Drop questions, Image Select, Checkbox, Recommendation Rating, File Upload question types.