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March, 2024, Product Release Notes

We're excited to announce the latest updates to our app, aimed at enhancing your experience and productivity. This update includes a mix of minor enhancements and a new feature that further integrates with your workflow.

What’s New:


  • Add to Calendar Button in Results View: We've introduced an "Add to Calendar" button, making it easier than ever to schedule events directly from a CredSpark interaction. This new feature is designed to streamline your planning process, allowing for seamless integration of events into your personal or professional calendar. To utilize this feature, simply navigate to the Results View, click on “Add Block,” and select the "Add to Calendar" button option. Here's a glimpse of how it will appear to the end-user:


  • Registration Questions in Response Summary: We've improved the Response Summary tab which will now include registration questions. 
  • Collections Update: In our ongoing effort to provide more relevant and timely information, we've updated the data displayed in Collections. Instead of showing the first attempt and score, Collections will now display the latest attempt date and the highest score achieved, giving a more accurate reflection of user progress.
  • Progress Report Improvement: The progress report has been enhanced to include a percentage bar above the progress view, offering a quick and intuitive visual representation of your progress.

Stay tuned for more updates in the future, and as always, we value your feedback! You can reach us at

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