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February, 2024 Product Release Notes

Introducing Our Enhanced Notification System

In this latest update, we're transforming how you're notified about significant updates within the app. Previously, you may have noticed occasional pop-up modals in the bottom right corner. To enhance your experience, we're introducing a new notification system accessible from the top navigation bar, indicated by a bell icon. A red bubble will appear to signal that information or updates are available, ensuring you don't miss out on any important news. Additionally, these messages will be permanently stored, allowing you the flexibility to revisit them at your convenience.

Improved Matrix Design 

We hope you'll value the improvements made to the Matrix question design, aimed at simplifying the response process for participants.

New ways to use Display Logic

Want to trigger display logic based on information you already know about a person? Now, you can use display logic alongside Custom Tags within your surveys. By adding a UTM parameter to a URL you can then use that parameter to determine which questions display! Learn more here

Enhancement to the Individual Responses Report: Adding Referring Page

Upon accessing the Individual Response Report, you'll discover a new column: Referring Page. This column enables you to identify the specific webpage from which a participant accessed an embedded CredSpark interaction. Particularly useful for those using  a single interaction across multiple pages on their website, the 'Referring Page' functionality allows for precise tracking of the origin page of each response. Please note that this feature is available only when you use CredSpark’s embed codes.

That wraps up our updates for now! We're eager to hear your thoughts: what features or improvements would you like to see in our next release? Share your suggestions with us: 

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