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November, 2023 Product Release Notes

November Release Highlights

The November release brings a host of exciting features and enhancements designed to simplify your experience with CredSpark!

Email Validation

Creating an Email question is now even more powerful with the addition of the 'Require Valid Email' option. When selected, this feature actively verifies the existence of provided email addresses, accepting only those confirmed as valid. Thanks to our partnership with Fresh Address, this validation process is made seamless.


Learn more about Email Validation

New Results View Block: CredSpark Interaction

Introducing our latest Results View block, designed to boost engagement. In the Results View you can seamlessly embed another CredSpark interaction. This is perfect for gathering feedback on provided content or offering additional subscription options, keeping the conversation flowing.


Updates to Header/Logo

In the Design tab's "Header/Logo" feature, you'll notice some changes. We've replaced the interaction title text with a dynamic variable: {{interaction_title}}. This variable automatically populates with text from the "Display Title" field. When you apply formatting to this variable and save it as a theme, the formatting will be consistent across all interactions using that theme. As always, you have the flexibility to override theme settings at the individual interaction level. Note:  this change won't impact any existing themes or designs.

We hope these enhancements make your use of CredSparkeven more enjoyable and productive. If you have any questions or feedback, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team: