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May, 2022 Product Release Notes

Hi there! Here's what's new in product after May development:


CredSpark is super excited to announce our newest product addition - templates! Use templates to save time or explore them for inspiration. You can preview the template, and if you decide it's what you need, simply click “use” on it. You might notice “Premium” templates, which anyone can preview but can only be copied by those at our Premier license tier and up, as they use certain features from Premier accounts. Contact to learn how to upgrade your account.

Learn more: Start from Template

Making It Easier to Save

We’ve added some visual indications to show when you have unsaved changes. If the “Save” button is orange, you have unsaved settings. If the Save button is gray, you are good to go!

Surveys + Forms = SurForms! (Not Really, Just Surveys)

After some thorough analysis on how our clients use Surveys and Forms, we decided to merge these two content types, so your Forms can use all the great settings Surveys offer. You can still do everything you did in Forms plus  you can access  additional settings, such as the progress bar. 

Tons of Other Small Changes

You talk, we listen! Here are a couple of small tweaks we’ve made to the app, all of which came via requests from clients. Have an idea? Reach out! We love to hear from you.

  • Email Notifications: The subject line will now contain the title of your interaction instead of your account name. And speaking of email notifications…going forward, you won’t need to use our registration tab in order to use participant notifications. All you need is to use (and require) our “email” field somewhere in your interaction!
  • Collections: We added a “Results Report” option for all collections. We also tweaked the date filtering on that report!
  • Feeling fancy? Go ahead, do it: you can now add javascript embed code to slides.