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June, 2024, Product Release Notes


Check out the latest enhancements in our app:

Enterprise & Up, CredSpark+ 

Customize Direct Link 

We recommend embedding CredSpark-powered interactions on your own site, but there are times when you might want to share our direct link. Previously, once you published a CredSpark interaction, the URL link text was "locked" with the initial title, which might not be ideal for public sharing. Now, you can customize the URL link text in the Deliver tab under the Direct Link subtab.


Choose Which Questions to Show Or Hide in the Results View 

By popular demand, we've added the ability to select which questions and slides to include in the Results View. To customize this, navigate to the Results View and click on the edit icon in the Questions and Answers block. Remember, users will only see the questions and slides that were displayed to them during the interaction. That is, if a user skipped certain questions, they won't be shown, even if you've selected those questions for inclusion.


Premier & Up, CredSpark+, Verint Commercial

WordPlay Update 

You can now add custom words to the WordPlay dictionary. Click “Expand Dictionary” to include niche words not found in standard dictionaries, which is especially useful for industries with specific terminology. This dictionary is an organizational-level setting and will apply to all WordPlay questions within your organization.


Enterprise & Up, CredSpark+, Verint Commercial

Admin Changes 

We have added the ability for Admins to edit user first name, last name, and email address. To make these changes, go to Admin Settings -> Users and click the edit icon. Please note that these changes are applied as soon as they are made, and no confirmation emails will be sent to users.

Premier & Up

Omeda Users 

Based on your feedback, we have expanded the API call to include primary address fields, which can now be connected with attributes in our Audience tab. The expanded address includes the following fields with example values:

  • Company: ACME

  • Country: UNITED STATES

  • Country Code: USA

  • State/Province: NEW YORK

  • State/Province Code: NY

  • City: NEW YORK

  • Street: Broadway

  • Zip Code/Postal Code: 10001


Drag & Drop Question Improvements

We've updated the design of the Drag & Drop Pair Match question type. See the image below. You also have the option to keep the old layout. Select “Two-Column Layout” to prepopulate the right column. The same applies to Drag & Drop Order questions, where you can choose “One-Column Layout” to maintain the old single-column style.

That’s all for this month! As always, feel free to reach out to us with any questions or ideas at

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