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December, 2023 Product Update

Hello and Happy Holidays! This release contains some MAJOR new features in the app and we want you to know all about them. They are specifically designed to make your life easier (don’t you just love that?) and to (hopefully) expand on your success using CredSpark. 

The Big Updates are:

  1. AI Quiz Generation

  2. Audience Attributes

  3. January 18 Webinar

Let’s jump in…


Exciting news from our team: our December release includes an AI-powered quiz creation feature! And for the next 90 days, ALL* of our clients have access to it.

This cutting-edge tool revolutionizes the way quizzes are made, offering a quick, efficient, and user-friendly experience. Tailored for ease and flexibility, it allows you to generate engaging quiz questions from any content URL or directly from a custom prompt you provide. Whether you're looking to assess knowledge or simply engage your audience, our new feature streamlines the process, saving you time and enhancing your content's impact. You will find it next to the “Add Question” button in the Create/Edit tab. Currently, we are supporting this feature for quizzes only. 


Note: This exciting AI feature is currently available to ALL CredSpark clients; we may make changes to how it is accessed after this initial 90 day Beta test.  


We're also thrilled to introduce our latest platform enhancement: the Audience feature! This feature, also available to all* clients, allows you to create and track 'attributes' across various CredSpark interactions. It's not just a tool; it's an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of your audience and gather comprehensive data across multiple engagements.


What is an attribute? 

An attribute refers to a specific characteristic or data point that you regularly collect across more than one interaction. It's like a personalized label for your audience's responses, directly tied to their behaviors, preferences, or demographics. Tagging a question with an attribute also allows you to decide whether an audience member who has already answered that question needs to answer it again. 

For example, if I have previously submitted my job function via CredSpark-powered interaction, you can choose to skip this question for me in future CredSpark interactions.

Why should you use the Audience feature? 

  • Unified Data Across Interactions:  Whether it's tracking user behaviors, preferences, or demographics, the attribute system is a standardized approach to data gathering.
  • User-Friendly Experience: Our focus isn't just on data – we care about your audience's experience too. The attribute feature reduces redundant questioning, keeping your audience engaged and ensuring the relevance of each interaction.
  • Easy Implementation: You can start using attributes right away. Admin users can create and assign attributes to questions, edit them easily, and manage how responses are tracked across interactions. It's straightforward, flexible, and powerful.

The Big Update #3: JANUARY 18 WEBINAR

We know this new feature might seem like a lot at first, and to be honest it does require a little work to get set up, so to assist you in making the most of it, we're hosting a webinar on January 18th at 1 pm ET. In it, we'll talk about how to use this feature, give examples, and share tips. Register here. 

Reminder: Discontinuing 'Carousel' Mode and Consolidating Redundant Fields

We have phased out the 'Carousel' Mode and the Logo Upload feature in our latest release. For additional details and implications of these changes, please refer to our comprehensive guide here.

*This means Enterprise, Premier, Ultimate, and CredSpark+ clients.

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