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December, 2022 Product Release Notes

New Year - New CredSpak! ✨ ✨ We kept our 2022 promises and resolutions and we made a big step (many big steps!) towards a new and improved CredSpark User Experience:

Rearranged Tab Structure

Finally, our tabs are arranged in a logical order: steps you should take while creating interaction. For example, in the old structure “Deliver” tab was before “Results View” and “Motivation” tab, where in the new one, it's right before Data &  Analytics tab. It's because you should review your Results View and Motivational tools before you Deliver your quiz. 

Our Product Teams Dreams Come True

We're super proud and excited about this one. We moved all interaction’s data in one place. Our product manager from the first days of being part of the team had quite some issues with data being all over the place: Overview, Edit, Data tabs. It took us some time and efforts to make this happen and have a nice looking Data & Analytics tab:  

Wait! But that's not all. We also added a new piece of data: Response Summary tab which visualizes responses. We hope that by the end of 2023 we will have pretty sophisticated data analytics that you will be able to use on your day-to-day work!

And that’s not all x2. We added other new features too:

  • Easier questions moving:

  • A direct link and 3rd party sharing for collections
  • The ability to track starts from emails as well as starts from the web
  • Display Logic will have an advanced option to create grouped conditions, so you can set more complex rules. Now you can create new display rules, using not one, but multiple logic settings for the same question. 
  • Omeda Integration now has an option to embed Q1 in a personalization modal: